Participants in Estes Park workshop, 1958:

Participants in Estes Park workshop, 1958:


A special workshop devoted to the topic of “Experimental Design and Inference in Psychology” was held at Estes Park, Colorado, July 28 – August 22, 1958 (see American Psychologist, 1969, 14, 167-179). This photo was taken of the eight participants, who included many of the leading psychologists of the mid-20th century.

Back row: Donald Taylor (Yale, chair of the group), B. F. Skinner (Harvard), Donald Hebb (McGill), Wendell “Tex” Garner (Johns Hopkins) Front row: Charles Osgood (Illinois), Leon Festinger (Stanford), Doug Lawrence (Stanford), Howard Hunt (Chicago).

Handwriting is that of Donald Hebb. Photo from the collection of Donald Hebb (passed along to Peter Milner, and then Kevin Dunbar).